A THIEF who stole donations from a chapel on Christmas Day could face jail.

James Caldwell, 38, prowled St Brendan's in Glasgow's Yoker at the end of morning mass last December 25.

He then waited until it was quiet before swiping the money.

Caldwell was today convicted of theft after it emerged he was caught on CCTV.

A sheriff told him the evidence was "overwhelming".

Footage showed Caldwell, of Speirshall Close, Yoker, slowly moving to a cupboard where donations were kept before fleeing.

James Gilchrist, 80, who collected the donations, said: “When I came back to get the money, it was gone and so was he.”

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Mr Gilchrist did not know exactly how much cash was stolen.

But, he told the court that St Brendan's raised £300 the previous week.

Sheriff Anthony Deutsch found Caldwell guilty and called for reports.

He told Caldwell: “The evidence is overwhelming and you have not presented anything that causes me any reasonable doubt.”

Caldwell was bailed meantime.