THE longest serving resident of the Scottish SPCA’s centre in West Dunbartonshire has finally got a new home.

Bertie Brown was in the care of staff at the animal rescue and rehoming centre for 290 days but was rehomed last week.

The 10-year-old Staffordshire Terrier still has plenty of energy and chases his ball all day, every day.

Kim Mackrell, assistant manager at the Scottish SPCA centre, said: “We are delighted that Bertie Brown has finally left for his forever home.

“We had exhausted almost every avenue possible to get him some extra attention, from press releases to videos, and we were running out of options.

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“Our dreams came true when a lovely couple came in and fell in love with him.

“We have already heard that he has settled in well to his new home and is loving his home comforts.

“Thanks to all those who supported us in finding him a home and we wish all the best to Bertie and his new family.”

Those who follow the SSPCA’s Facebook page also sent their well wishes.

One wrote: “That’s fantastic. Bertie is going to have a fun, happy life, and get loads of love from his adoptive family. Good luck Bertie in your new home.”

Another added: “Well done to the brilliant staff for loving him to bits every single day, and to his new owners for adopting this lovely fella.”