Residents will have the opportunity to gain an insight into places they wouldn’t normally visit when West Dunbartonshire’s Doors Open Day is held this weekend.

The Lennox Heritage Society initiative is part of a national scheme, which ensures that Scotland’s heritage, new and old, is made accessible.

The free event is usually bi-annual, however, with Doors Open Day celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, eight venues in the area will be opening their doors to visitors.

Jeremy Watson, convener for the day and chairman of the Lennox Heritage Society, said: “All Doors Open Days are free to attend. They provide great opportunities for the public to see inside places they may not usually be able to or they may bring to attention those that we think we know well, but have never visited.

“It is a good way for communities to get to know their own area well or for those with inquisitive inclinations to visit other areas.

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“While initially only to do with buildings, “Doors Open” is now taken more broadly as encouraging anyone to visit places they may not usually do or as an introduction to events and concepts new to them.

“Besides buildings, we have a newly restored park, a garden, a walk and a boat.

“In total, eight venues have signed up for 2019. These include the star attractions of The Maid of the Loch and Strathleven House, but we are pleased to announce that several others will either open their doors to visitors or, as in the case of Levengrove Park, be holding an outdoor event.”

This year visitors will have the chance to view the stained glass windows from the inside of Riverside Parish Church, the gothic revival architecture of St Augustine’s Episcopal Church and an original piece of Victorian stencil work at West Bridgend Church which was uncovered during restoration work and is now on view.

Robin House gardens, and Alexandria’s Masonic Lodge will also be open.

The event is on Saturday, September 14, from 10am to 6pm.