THERE will be two planned public processions in coming weeks in north-west Glasgow.

More than 3,000 people will take to the streets as part of 14 planned public processions across Glasgow in the next three weeks.

On Saturday, September 14, an estimated 240 participants will take part in two Whiteinch Orange and Purple District Number 7 marches - which will start off from two separate locations.

The first assembly point is at Victoria Park, and the proposed route is via the park by way of Jubilee Gates at 3pm, the onto Victoria Park Drive North, Danes Drive, Queen Victoria Drive, Dumbarton Road, Smith Street, and Northinch Street.

The other assembly Point is Northinch Street, and the proposed route will be Smith Street, Dumbarton Road, Westland Drive, Victoria Park Dive North, and Victoria Park by Jubilee Gates, starting at 2pm.

Meanwhile, an estimated 120 people will take part in the Drumchapel Orange and Purple District 57 march on Saturday, September 21 which will start at 11am.

The assembly point is the Orange Halls at Kinfauns Dr. 

The proposed route is Peel Glen Rd, Drummore Rd, Backmuir Rd, Summerhill Rd, Kinfauns Dr, Tallant Rd, Merryton Ave, Linkwood Dr, Kinfauns Dr, Hecla Ave, Dunkenny Rd, Achamore Rd, and Kinfauns Dr.

The plans come after a major police operation was launched at the weekend to deal with an Irish Republican march and Loyalist protestors, where 11 people were arrested.

It also follows riot-like scenes in Govan last month.

Glasgow City Council said they knew the marches were draining police resources and said they would consider the community impact in the future.

A spokesman said: “We want to thank the police for everything they did to ensure trouble was kept to a minimum on Saturday.

“But with 14 processions coming up this month alone, we know this kind of march continues to disrupt Glasgow’s communities and impact on policing outside the city.

“We will be very carefully considering that community impact when we receive notifications of processions in the future.”

A full list of the 14 marches planned in the next few weeks are listed below:

Tuesday, September 10

Shia Asna Ashri Islamic Centre - Estimated 950 participants

Saturday, September 14

Bridgeton Protestant Boys FB - Estimated 300 participants

Pride of the North Flute Band - Estimated 60 participants

Republican network for unity - Estimated 150 participants

Whiteinch Orange and Purple District Number 7 - Estimated 240 participants (across both groups)

Sunday, September 15

Partick Orange and Purple District 15 - Estimated 60 participants

Saturday, September 21

Drumchapel Orange & Purple District 57 - Estimated 120 participants

Independent Loyal Orange Order - Estimated 50 participants

Pride of Govan flute band - Estimated 800 participants

Springburn Campsie Apprentice Boys of Derry - Estimated 60 participants

West of Scotland Band Alliance - Estimated 200 participants

Friday, September 27

Govan Somme Associations - Estimated 100 participants

Saturday, October 5

Orange & Purple District No12 LLOL1 - Estimated 110 participants