A Bankie wrongly accused of abusing Celtic captain Scott Brown has said on Facebook: "It wasn't me".

Sam Bain got pelters on social media last night and this morning after being wrongly identified as the Rangers fan who shouted at Mr Brown outside Ibrox on Sunday afternoon.

He was called a "scumbag" and names we can't repeat on this website after being falsely accused.

Sam, who is believed to live in Clydebank, posted a response on Facebook - a doctored image of the cover of Shaggy's 2000 hit, "It Wasn't Me", with his face superimposed on it - after suffering hours of abuse.

He had also shared strong denials on social media last night that he was involved, or that he was banned for life from Ibrox after he blamed for the outrage.

Police then revealed they have arrested a 15-year-old boy after horrific jibes about the Parkhead star's late sister were shouted in his face following the weekend's Old Firm match.

The arrest came hours after Sam was falsely outed on Facebook.

Fans from both sides of the Old Firm had come together in support of Parkhead favourite Brown after footage of the insults being hurled at him went viral.

The jibe was a reference to the midfielder's sister, Fiona, who passed away from skin cancer in 2008, aged just 21.

Rangers have already said the so-called fan will be barred from Ibrox for life.