WARREN Capaldi, the brother of Scottish singing star Lewis Capaldi, will be performing live at an intimate gig in a Clydebank bar.

The Cabin, in Dalmuir, will welcome Warren as he performs live for three hours on Friday, November 8.

Bar owner Andrew McQuade told the Post he managed to "pull some strings" to book Warren for the gig which will be running from 9pm until midnight. 

His younger brother Lewis has recently achieved global mainstream success with his international breakthrough single "Someone You Loved”.

And Lewis has been known for attending his brothers gigs, so there's a chance that he might even turn up.

There are a limited number of £5 tickets available which will be ready to purchase at the The Cabin on Friday afternoon on a first come first served basis.

Warren, whose music style has been described as very similar to his brothers, also writes his own music.

Andrew said: "I have been speaking to Warren and he's looking forward to the gig. I'm really looking forward to it as well."

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The Cabin has been under new ownership from March this year, with a lot happening since.

Andrew, who has been working in bars for more than 10 years took over with a clear vision for his new premise.

Speaking to the Post in June, he said: “I came from working in the west end as a manager.

“I’m from this area and I know that there’s no other bar in the area like it. There are a lot of 'pub pubs', but no other venue that specialises in anything - we specialise in gin and craft beer.

“I’m aiming to introduce something into the community that’s not already here.

“I’ve given the place a renovation, the bar has been completely re-done with a lot of spirits introduced. I’ve also introduced entertainment such as live bands, and open mic nights.”

For more information search "The Cabin" on Facebook.