RESIDENTS of Clydebank are on the verge of seeing a national revolution in technology - as the Scottish Government releases a plan for the future.

Nicola Sturgeon unveiled plans for 5G earlier this week.

The increase in mobile internet speeds would allow a number of technological advancements to help the lives of people in Clydebank and further afield.

The government estimates the 5G revolution could see 160,000 jobs created, and more than £17 billion pumped into public coffers by 2035 - the equivalent of £1,600 per worker.

Speaking at Glasgow University’s School of Engineering, the First Minister said: “Our 5G plan sets out the actions we believe are needed to ensure as much of Scotland as possible shares in the vast potential growth on offer.

“Our aspiration is to position Scotland as a 5G leader and a forward-looking digital nation.

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“5G offers rich potential - opportunities to enhance Scotland’s global competitiveness, achieve economic growth and drive innovation across our public and private sectors.

“There are huge potential gains for the public sector if we embrace technologies such as 5G. We believe this will be a catalyst for further public sector transformation, enabling high quality, user-focused and efficient services that are driven by data.”

Potential benefits from higher speeds include real time monitoring of hospital patients, faster flood alerts for vulnerable areas and self-driving cars.

Fifth-generation networking (5G) will offer a number of benefits over the current 4G system.

With 5G, users will experience higher speeds, less latency, a capacity for a larger number of connected devices, less interference and better efficiency.

It is already available in a number of cities across the UK.