A CLYDEBANK sex attacker who claimed he would “chance his arm” with a stranger has been jailed for two years.

Craig Galbraith, 47, was locked up at the High Court in Glasgow today.

He struck near the Clyde Shopping Centre in August 2016.

His victim, a vulnerable 22 year-old woman with learning difficulties, was described as “frightened and confused” after emerging from bushes following the attack.

Jurors heard how Galbraith had earlier spotted the woman on a bus and found her “attractive”.

Galbraith - who insisted he was drunk at the time - claimed he was then “chancing his arm” by trying to “chat up” the victim.

His trial was told that within 20 seconds of approaching her, he had touched the shocked woman's bottom.

He then lead her towards woods where the pervert went on to sexually assault her.

The area was described in court as “quite literally off the beaten path”.

Two girls spotted the pair around the time of the incident - but Galbraith told them: “She is fine”.

However, the court heard the victim was “shaking” after her ordeal.

Prosecutor Mark McGuire told jurors in his closing speech: “To suggest that she is lying is ridiculous.

“The reason she alleges she was sexually assaulted is because that is precisely what happened.”

Galbraith, of the city's Drumchapel, had been accused of rape before being convicted of the reduced charge of sexual assault.

Bob Mitchell, defending, said Galbraith had lost his job as a result.

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Lady Stacey told Galbraith she accepted there had been a three year delay in the case coming to trial.

But, she added: “You listened to the evidence. You know the woman was taken advantage of by you because she had severe learning difficulties.

“What you did was really despicable.”

Galbraith was also put on the sex offenders list for 10 years.