Sylvania Way South will soon receive an upgrade.

West Dunbartonshire Council have received £859,000 from the Scottish Government’s £50m one-off Town Centre Fund.

A total of £250,000 of the fund will be spent in Clydebank.

A report to councillors at the infrastructure, regeneration and economic development committee meeting, stated: “The high quality town centre public realm at the canal doesn’t extend to the southern part of the Clyde Shopping Centre, where the condition of the shopping thoroughfare of Sylvania Way South is in a poor condition and uneven.

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"There is a need to address this area and at the same time provide a better public realm for this busy pedestrian route that is close to the bus and railway stations and is often the first impression of Clydebank town centre for visitors.”

The work will include resurfacing and new street furniture.

Councillor John Mooney said at the meeting: "I very much welcome the proposed improvements to Sylvania Way South. That is the first impression that visitors have of the Clyde Shopping Centre and it definitely needs to be improved.”

Councillor Marie McNair added: "I certainly welcome the investment in Sylvania Way. I would ask that - the front of Sylvania Way at Chalmers Street - could they do away with the trolley park there? Because it’s a complete eyesore. So, if we could take that away, that would be great."