THE LAND on which the former Faifley Bowling Club was housed could soon be sold off to a developer, it has been revealed.

At a meeting of West Dunbartonshire councillors last week, it was agreed to sell the 2.52 acre plot to Knowes Housing Association.

However, there are planning issues to be resolved and the local development plan 2 has to be approved by the Scottish Government prior to any planning application being submitted.

The housing association said it will not be in a position to purchase the site prior to confirmation that planning consent will be granted to build social housing. 

Councillors at the infrastructure, regeneration and economic development (IRED) committee meeting were informed that the former bowling club closed in 2011, and there were initially discussions of a 30 year lease to Faifley Community Allotment Society, however, this did not go ahead due to soil and ground investigations.

In 2016, a marketing campaign was led by the council to offer the space as a community asset, before it was included as a site for social housing.

No offers from any community groups were made, despite the council advertising it on their website, promotional mail being sent out and a “for sale” sign put up on the site.

Knowes Housing Association put forward the site as a potential development opportunity for social housing, and is included in the council’s Strategic Housing Investment Plan which was approved in 2017.

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In a report to councillors it states that a valuation of £127,500 has been received from the district valuer, although the purchase price will be subject to “deduction of abnormals” which will not exceed £77,500.

This would leave a minimum guaranteed price of £50,000 the housing association would have to pay for the piece of land.

An estimated 15 units will be built on site, but a site layout plan has still to be agreed.

If the 15 units are built, the council would generate a minimum income in the region of £16,451 per year for both council tax based on B and C rating.

If the transaction of the land does not go ahead due to planning, ground condition, or any other reason, the council will be required to remarket the site for sale.

Knowes Housing Association was formed on March 1, 1998.

It currently owns and manages 1,030 properties and acts as factor to a further 694 in the Clydebank area.