A FORMER Clydebank resident who was caught behind the wheel in a Whitecrook street while disqualified will be sentenced next month after being locked up to await his fate.

Patrick Davidson was remanded in custody after he failed to show up to a court-ordered meeting with social workers.

Davidson, formerly of Montrose Street, claimed a puncture while travelling from a new home in Nottingham to meet the social worker in Dumbarton had made him late.

The report was ordered after Davidson, 40, admitted driving while disqualified in Longden Street in Whitecrook on April 26.

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court on August 16, Davidson’s lawyer, Kenny Clark, said: “He tells me he indicated to the social worker that he would be five or 10 minutes late, and says he was told that wasn’t good enough.

“He says he was told the social worker wouldn’t be willing to see him, and so he didn’t attempt to complete the journey to Dumbarton, as he felt it would be futile. It’s his contention that he has done what he could to co-operate.”

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Sheriff William Gallacher ordered that Davidson’s story be verified – and a different version of events emerged after the social work department was contacted.

When the case recalled an hour later, Mr Clark said: “The social worker’s version of that phone conversation is that there was no mention by him [Davidson] of his running five to 10 minutes late.

“The social worker states that Mr Davidson said his friend was having problems with his car, and asked for the appointment to be rescheduled.

“[Mr Davidson] insists that his account is correct.

“I’ve advised him that the matter is now likely to be deferred for a report, with him being remanded in custody, or that the matter will proceed to sentence without the report.”

The sheriff ordered that Davidson be held in custody until his lawyer could prepare a plea.

Sheriff Gallacher said: “I dealt with this matter, and I adjourned for the report.

“I have considerable hesitation with [Davidson’s] version of events. I find his version implausible.

“Do I defer for three or four days for a proper plea in mitigation, or for three or four weeks for a report?”

In the event, after Mr Clark said Davidson was “adopting a realistic approach” to how he was likely to be sentenced, the sheriff deferred sentence until August 21.

The sheriff added: “I’ve read your record [of previous convictions] comprehensively, and it’s that which influences my decision today.”

The case on Wednesday was further deferred until September 18 for reports and he will stay in custody until then.