A MAN who set fire to a rubbish bin outside a house in Faifley will be sentenced next month.

Colin McOmish, 21, of Watchmeal Crescent, was brought to court from custody on Friday after being found guilty at a trial of a charge of wilful fire-raising.

McOmish was convicted of setting fire to the bin outside a property in nearby Orbiston Drive on June 21, destroying both the bin and the rubbish inside and damaging the surrounding area.

After finding McOmish guilty at a trial at Dumbarton Sheriff Court, Sheriff William Gallacher deferred sentence until Friday for a background report from social workers.

Sheriff Gallacher said: “I had views [at the trial] on his perspective, attitude and conduct. For my part I find it surprising if the Crown felt, in June, that a psychiatric examination was appropriate, that they haven’t got on with it.

“I’m not convinced I can find an alternative to custody here.”

McOmish’s lawyer, Kenny Clark, said: “I fully appreciate your Lordship would be considering a custodial sentence. He fully understands and accepts that.

“He presents to me as understanding perfectly everything that is said to and about him, and all the things he says to me are perfectly sensible and lucid.

“I don’t know if there is some underlying problem that has given rise to this incident, but I recognise this matter is of such gravity that custody would be the first consideration of the court. He has been in custody, exclusively in relation to this matter, since June 24.”

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Sheriff Gallacher replied: “It’s not remotely possible that I allow him his liberty today, standing his age, and what I see in the [social work] report.

“As matters stand, having seen this report and heard the trial, I do not see a way I can avoid imposing a custodial sentence.”

Adjourning the case until September 13 for a psychiatric assessment, Sheriff Gallacher told McOmish: “It may be that that assessment gives me greater insight as to why we are here. You will remain in custody until then.”