A WOMAN who said “the Scottish are evil” has been told to behave for the next four months.

Shukri Yonis, 42, was in Clydebank police office on July 13, 2019, at around 6pm. She wasn’t an officially accused person but refused to answer questions.

She shouted and swore, stating: “I love Bonnie Scotland but it’s full of Satan.”

Yonis continued: “F*** the Scottish.

“F*** you, you f***ing white Scottish b*****d. The Scottish are evil, that’s why you like the Polish – they’re evil too.”

She also shouted insults that a person was ugly and an “ugly Scottish cow”.

Yonis then said: “You destroyed Africa, you destroyed Australia, you destroyed South Africa, you destroyed New Zealand. You blame the English but it was actually Scotland and the Scottish.”

She pleaded guilty to acting in a racially aggravated manner on her first court appearance last month.

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court last Friday, Yonis’s defence solicitor said there were “complex mental health issues” but was aware she could go to prison.

He added that there was already a package in place for her care.

Sheriff Lindsey Kooner said Yonis was in a “very precarious position” in view of her record.

She told her: “You are accumulating a very significant record. How you think it’s acceptable to speak to anyone in that way is beyond me.”

Yonis, of West Pilton Gardens, Edinburgh, was told to be of good behaviour and return to court on November 15.

The sheriff added: “If you do anything like this again, you’re going to put yourself in a very difficult position.”