RESIDENTS in Drumchapel are fearing for children’s safety after an overgrown weeded area is, once again, almost forcing them on to a busy road.

The abandoned site on Peel Glen Road holds the former Saint Laurence Primary’s janitor house.

It was used by a youth group which moved out five years ago, and it has lain empty since.

Margaret Jones, who lives on the street, told the Post: “There are hedges, rose bushes and jaggy nettles all coming through taking up most of the pavement.

“Sometimes it’s really bad – we couldn’t walk on the pavement last year because of the overgrown weeds.

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“Two people nearly got knocked down. People were needing to walk on the road.

“Has there got to be an accident before something gets done? It’s ridiculous. All they did was come out and cut it back – nothing else has been done since, and that was last year.”

Margaret said she has been trying to get something done about the mess for four years.

She added: “I speak to quite a lot of residents and we try to improve the area but the council are doing nothing.

“They are letting us down with this, and we are getting fed up with it.

“I feel like a fool, people ask me how I’m getting on [with the council] but I’m never getting any further – nothing is happening.

“I’m a pensioner and have stayed here for more than 30 years. We’re only trying to keep the place nice.

“The lollipop man stands near, and with the kids starting back to school, they are needing to walk on that pavement.”

Margaret said the area also gets used as a “dumping ground” with a trolley, rubbish and bin bags littering the site. She added: “I was told by a councillor that the land went up for sale, then an offer was made.

“This person put in an offer last year, but we’ve heard nothing since. That person is willing to take the land off them.

“But whoever does end up taking it on has got a big job clearing it. The council have left six years of mess.”

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City Property Glasgow, which provides the management, development and disposal of Glasgow City Council’s non-operational surplus land and property assets, said the property has been highlighted as a “priority”.

A spokesman for City Property said: “We have been working in partnership with our colleagues and suppliers to help maintain a number of properties across the city as part of our scheduled landscaping programme.

“As we continue to work through this, we have highlighted the property on Peel Glen Road as a priority.”