LINNVALE residents turned up to a meeting to express their “shock and anger” at the fact a greenspace area could soon become houses.

“Save Linnvale Greenspace” held their first public meeting on July 25, and despite it being an extremely hot evening, around 40 residents attended.

At a planning committee meeting in May, councillors voted in favour of submitting Local Development Plan Two - which includes the site of Linnvale’s Strauss Avenue - for examination, despite more than 400 objections relating to the Linnvale site.

Campaigners who set up the group to prevent the area from becoming residential feel, along with the local residents, that they are “not being listened to by some of the elected representatives in their ward”.

All four local councillors ignored invites to a recent community council meeting at which residents raised questions they wanted answers to.

They were also invited to the latest public meeting, but none of the councillors attended either.

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The Save Linnvale Greenspace team told the Post: “The meeting offered an opportunity for residents to give ideas about how any future development at the greenspace could look.

“Ideas included permanent structures such as seating areas, a multi-use game area park, and growing areas for the residents and the children from Linnvale Primary School, who already use the area for educational purposes.

“Residents also highlighted that these developments could also host one-off events such as gala days, petting zoos and bird of prey displays.

“The optimism of the meeting was high, although the residents were aware of the challenge ahead of them. They committed themselves to lobbying their councillors and contributing to the ongoing discussion about wider issues, such as the concerns raised by Ross Greer, the Green Party MSP, about the removal of the right of communities to appeal planning decisions from the planning bill.

“The residents are aware however, that the mailing list of Save Linnvale Green Space currently stands at almost 500, 10 per cent of the voter turnout for the ward in the last election, which puts them in a strong position to convince elected representatives and their parties that it is important that they listen to the communities’ concerns and reverse this decision.”

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Determined to keep the area at Strauss Avenue as greenspace, there are already future meetings and events planned by the group.

A “Day of Colour” is organised for Saturday, August 10, at 12pm, where residents are invited to bring kites or brollies to brighten up the area, and highlight the use of it.

And he next public meeting will be held on August 19 at 7pm at the Double L Huts, Linnvale Primary School.