A DALMUIR swan was attacked by a dog in Clydebank leaving the animal so badly injured that it passed away.

The female swan was resting with her partner and only cygnet, at the Forth and Clyde Canal, when the dog and its owner walked by.

Although the dog was on a lead, it was an extendable one, meaning the owner was not in control of the dog when it “viciously” attacked the swan on July 21.

The family of three are known for living on the canal between the Glen Lusset, Old Kilpatrick, and Dalmuir.

A member of the public called Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue, who attended to help the swan but by the time they arrived she had swum a short distance and was not within reach of the bank.

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Gaynor Christie, of Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue, said: “She looked very miserable, and was not with her mate and cygnet.

“Our rescue team returned the next day with a canoe, but the swan was able to paddle away, albeit very lopsidedly.

“The following day, the swan was within reach of the bank but died soon after being lifted from the water.

“She had clearly suffered a sustained attack and had several deep bites that were likely to prove fatal, even if she had been rescued two days earlier.

“Dogs should be kept on a short lead and should be taken on a route that gives swan families a wide berth.”

The swan reportedly gave birth to five cygnets earlier this year but four sadly passed away.

And it is believed that the male swan’s previous partner also died after being shot while in Dalmuir.

The Post reported in May this year that a swan in Victoria Park had to be put to sleep after it suffered “horrific injuries” from a dog attack.

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Mike Flynn, Scottish SPCA chief superintendent, said: “This year alone we have been alerted to a number of incidents across Scotland where a swan has been injured, killed or had to be humanely put to sleep due to a dog attack.

“The swans involved in these attacks experience immense pain, suffering and stress.

“We want to issue a stark reminder to dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead around swans, and all wildlife, at all times.”

Anyone with information about dogs attacking wildlife should contact the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999 where calls can be taken anonymously.