Linnvale Primary's polytunnel has been vandalised yet again as parents and neighbours fume over the damage to their community.

The school is the latest to be vandalised after we reported on incidents at Our Holy Redeemer's and Kilbowie Primary schools at the end of July.

The polytunnel was previously damaged last August and May. The school won its third Green Flag status in 2018 for their environmental work, including growing fruit and vegetables in the polytunnel.

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One Linnvale parent told the Post: "It's very frustrating. Last year all the school classes enjoyed time in the polytunnel, including having a pea pod competition which the kids, especially the younger ones, loved.

"The school has been lucky enough to have a grandparent help keep the polytunnel running this year too, but it's disheartening to see how disrespectful some people can be. They're not sure if they want to continue."

Our Holy Redeemer’s was struck twice, first between 4pm on Thursday, July 25 and 8am the following day.

Police discovered damage to a number of windows at the school, which had been used to gain entry to the building.

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On Friday, July 26, people were also able to gain access to the same school, leaving graffiti on walls, seats and benches.

Also on Friday, felt was pulled from the roof, causing damage to Kilbowie Primary.