A FAIFLEY man who admitted being concerned in the supply of three different illegal drugs worth around £70,000 has been jailed for two years.

Gary Allison was involved in the supplying of quantities of cocaine, cannabis and etizolam - categorised as class A, class B and class C respectively - in Craigpark Street on April 21.

The 32-year-old, described in court papers as an inmate at Low Moss prison in Bishopbriggs, was sentenced at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday after pleading guilty to three separate charges at an earlier hearing, when a background report was ordered from social workers.

Allison’s solicitor, Judith Reid, told the court her client had been on remand in Low Moss since April 23, the date of his first appearance in court in connection with the offence.

Ms Reid said: “His position has always been to resolve this. He has been entirely up front with the social work department.

“We’re dealing with a very high value of drugs. To some extent that would have been known to him, in terms of the quantity that was in his house, but it’s his position that he didn’t know about, or take part in, the specifics.”

Sheriff William Gallacher observed that at a previous hearing, when Allison’s guilty pleas were accepted, prosecutors had also acknowledged that the cannabis found was “not in ideal condition”.

Ms Reid said Allison had had “ a very difficult childhood” and had been the victim of “significant violence”, while also being diagnosed, relatively early in his life, with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

“He found himself, at a young age, using cannabis as some sort of way of trying to deal with his issues,” Ms Reid continued.

“His cannabis use is deeply ingrained, and it has cost him dearly. Effectively it has cost him his partner, and presumably also his step-child, to whom he has been very close.

“He acknowledges he will require assistance. He has been remanded in custody since the start of this case, and accordingly has been cannabis-free; and unsurprisingly that has had a significant knock-on effect on his mental health.

“Although the social work report looks at various outcomes, he knows absolutely that none of those outcomes will be considered by the court. He has acknowledged that from the outset.”

Sheriff Gallacher told Allison: “You were involved in this, and were on the receiving end to some extent.

“But day and daily in this court, I have to deal with those whose lives are blighted, and destroyed, by the impact of drugs, of almost any type imaginable.

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“You are involved in the process by which drugs are made available to other people - and you are not merely involved at the periphery.

“You have a previous conviction for involvement in the process by which drugs are made available to others.

“These were drugs which cumulatively had a value of about £70,000. I have to mark that, and I have to impose upon you a custodial sentence.”

Allison’s two-year jail term was backdated to April 23.