FENCING in Dalmuir that proved unpopular with the majority of residents has been taken down following complaints.

The Post previously reported that a green space area at Auckland and Kingston Place was covered in black railings to stop children playing ball games, and damaging property.

A number of fences in the shape of an “X” were placed on the grass area, described as looking like a “monstrosity”.

And one resident compared looking out of their front window to “looking out of a prison cell”.

West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) previously said that the budget for the work, which is funded by the HRA capital investment programme, cost around £6,000.

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A petition was started and handed in to the council after being signed by locals who were opposed to the new fences.

At the beginning of last week, work began to remove fences, but some were left.

One resident, who asked not to be named, told the Post: “They’ve left just a small triangle of fences on the grass. For me it’s fantastic, most of the residents think its fantastic.”

A spokeswoman for WDC said: “The fences were erected after sustained complaints about damage to properties due to ball games, and following extensive efforts to consult the community. We have listened to further feedback from residents in Dalmuir and a decision has been taken to restore the grassed area, while leaving smaller sections of fencing in place to protect the properties most affected.

“The additional fencing will be re-used for other projects.”