A TOTAL of 112 operations were cancelled in one month this year because hospitals could not cope, figures have revealed.

Data published by Information Services Division Scotland showed the ops were cancelled in May across Greater Glasgow and Clyde due to non-clinical reasons, such as not having enough staff or unclean equipment.

Across Scotland, 500 planned operations were cancelled in the same month because hospitals could not cope.

Scottish Labour say the figures show the NHS is simply not getting enough resources from the SNP government.

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MSP Neil Bibby said: “Behind each of these figures is a patient waiting in pain for treatment that hospitals have not been able to give.

“We have seen a staffing crisis develop in our health service, with huge unfilled gaps for consultants, nurses and midwives.

“Patients across Greater Glasgow and Clyde are being let down by the SNP Government and are not getting the care they deserve.

“Scottish Labour say it is time to use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to properly fund our NHS.”

A spokeswoman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “We do our best not to postpone any planned procedures but, as with every other board across Scotland, when we are experiencing a high demand for emergency medical care we have, unfortunately, to reschedule a very small number non-urgent planned inpatient procedures.

“We make arrangements to re-book these patients as soon as possible at a date that suits them.”