A PENSIONER is having to be carried down a set of stairs in a wheelchair every time she has to leave her house.

Seventy-two-year-old Jean Ford has lived in a Cernach Housing Association first floor flat on Ledmore Drive, Drumchapel, for the last six years.

She was diagnosed with lung cancer last April and has since finished treatment, but has also been diagnosed with arthritis, as well as suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Her health has deteriorated since last year, meaning she can’t walk unassisted and uses walking aids when in the house.

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She uses a wheelchair when outside, but cannot get down the stairs, so doesn’t get out much - leaving her a prisoner in her own home.

Her daughter, Jeanie Leathem, said they have been asking the housing association for a ground floor flat for around a year, but are not getting anywhere.

She told the Post: “My mum lives in a close one up and is basically housebound due to the stairs. She has applied to Cernach for a ground floor flat and has basically been told it will take two years.

“She just cannot get out of the house unless it’s hospital or doctors’ appointments and even then it’s with great difficulty. Me and my son mostly have to carry her down in the wheelchair which is not very safe and worries her.

“It’s the attitude of the person she was speaking to telling her that she can’t go putting people out of their houses to accommodate her, and it could take two years, so she will just have to wait. They are so rude, honestly; they had my mother in tears.

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“It’s just not fair. She’s been in Drumchapel most of her days but can’t even get a suitable house. It’s really uncalled for. They have no respect, which is sad, especially when dealing with good tenants.”

A spokeswoman for Cernach Housing Association said it is their policy not to comment on individuals.

She added: “All of our allocations are done in line with our allocations policy which is located on our website and is predominantly governed by legislation from the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014.