SOCIAL media pages have been set up with the aim to save a much-loved area of greenspace in Linnvale.

Save Linnvale Greenspace, on Twitter and Facebook, are a group of local residents who are calling for the local development committee to reverse their decision to designate the area as residential status and revert to open space status.

Formerly football pitches, the area is regularly used by the community and the local primary school, but could now become houses, despite 435 concerns being raised by local residents.

The group said: “This development of private housing will do little deal with the homelessness situation in West Dunbartonshire.

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“Particularly relevant when 75 per cent of those registered homeless in 2016 were single adults and the expectation is that the development would be new family homes.

“As a local authority with one of the highest homelessness statistics in the country, we believe, priority should focus on the provision of social housing and maintaining strong community cohesion and health and wellbeing in areas such as Linnvale, which enjoys very few local authority services.

“It should also be recognised, however, that as [Kilpatrick ward] councillor, Lawrence O’Neill, highlighted to the planning committee, West Dunbartonshire can achieve the housing numbers required by Central Government without including the Linnvale open space in the plans.

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“Greenspace Scotland recognised that ‘over 90 per cent of urban Scots say it is important to have green spaces in their local area.’ There is no reason to suggest West Dunbartonshire would be any different from the rest of the population.”

A public meeting will be held in the Double L Huts, Linnvale Primary School, on Thursday, July 25, at 7.30pm, where everyone is welcome to air their views.