COMMUTERS will face a hike in ticket prices as bus company McGill’s announce a five percent increase in fares.

From Monday, July 15, customers who use the service will see an increase from the current ticket prices of £4 for an adult single, £2.75 for a student single, and £1.65 for a child.

The changes have been brought in following an increase in staff wages as well as business costs following a review of McGill’s ‘first full fare review’ in the last two years.

But bus users who purchase XP day, weekly and monthly fares will remain unaffected by the change.

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Ralph Roberts, managing director of the bus firm, said: “Due to increased business costs, we have had to implement our first full fare review in two years.

“While our XP services will be unaffected by the review, users of other services will notice an increase of approximately five per cent.

“This year we have seen large increases in staffing, fuel and insurance costs, which are reflected in the fares coming into place on Monday.”