Mum-of-two Kellie Eadie was eating healthily and regularly hitting the gym, but still couldn’t get back to her dream figure - until she joined Slimming World.

The 38-year-old started to pile on the pounds in her 30s, and began wearing baggy clothes to cover her expanding waistline.

But no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to shift and then keep off the excess weight she had put on after having two kids.

Nights out started to become a chore when dresses started to show bumps and curves which Kellie hated.

She said: “My figure only bothered me when I had a night out, as I could hide my figure under baggy clothes.

“On nights out, I liked to wear dresses, but dresses showed my bumps and curves and I hated that. If I wore a dress, I always had a pair of control pants on, and if I didn’t wear a dress, it was tight fitted jeans or leggings, again with a baggy top.”

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Kellie, who lives in Clydebank, said she previously “ate what she wanted”, and that it was only when she got to her 30s that weight became an issue.

She continued: “I had never thought about going on a diet as I loved my food too much and working as a waitress, I had access to food I loved and enjoyed.

“I finally decided that I wanted to change my figure and for almost two years I ate as healthy as I could, exercised at the gym, and went to fitness classes or ran.

“I enjoyed the exercise part but my figure and weight always maintained the same and I lost the buzz of going to the gym.”

It was at that point that Kellie plucked up the courage to attend Slimming World.

Kellie said: “I decided to join my local Slimming World class as I needed that extra push to keep my eating on track by getting weighed weekly.”

It took Kellie months to pluck up the courage to walk through the doors of the meeting for the first time as she felt that because others saw her as being not much overweight, they would possibly question why she need to join slimming world.

She added: “For the first couple of weeks I wore baggy clothes as I felt I was offending people who were struggling with their weight worse than me.”

Speaking about her Slimming World experience, Kellie said: “It was the best thing I have ever done.

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“I was made to feel so welcome when I joined, and I have never looked back. I learned that I didn’t have to completely cut out the foods I loved so much.

“My weight when I joined was 11st 12lbs and by May 2017, I had lost 20lbs.

“I looked and felt great, I loved my new figure, and had dropped from squeezing into a 10 to fitting comfortably into a size eight - which I had never been before.”

Kellie then took a break from slimming due to her hectic life, but returned again earlier this year to finish off the job.

She added: “My total weight loss is 1st 4lbs and I am back into my size eights. I am 8.5lbs away from my target weight which I am so delighted with.

“I would say to anyone who isn’t happy with their figure to please come and join Slimming World, you won’t be disappointed.”

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