On Wednesday, July 15, 2009, the Post reported...

FESTIVAL touring Bankie bagpipers delighted tens of thousands of revellers at T in the Park.

The Clydebank Pipe Band got music fans in the mood at the massive open air event by playing its award-winning anthems as people entered the site.

The sound of the Bankies blew away any late-night cobwebs for the bleary-eyed punters and helped the band get in competition mode for the upcoming World Pipe Band Championships. Craig, 24, who led the band at the festival for the second year running, told the Post: “We played at the opening of the main gates on Saturday and Sunday morning, then played again at the Visit Scotland Dome in the afternoon.

“It was a fantastic atmosphere. Some of the crowd enjoyed our playing so much that they joined in with a spot of Highland dancing. They’d certainly had a drink but it was great to get the crowd involved like that.”

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The 20-strong pipe band won admirers from other organisations at the festival, with environmental group Global Cool asking Craig and the band to play at their site within the arena.

Pipe Major Craig said: “The guy from Global Cool came over and asked us to play a couple of sets to get more people in.

“Afterwards he said it was the biggest crowd they had all weekend.”

“They took our details and said they’d love to work with us again — they go to all the big festivals so you never know what might happen there.”

Clydebank Pipe Band is totting up the air miles this summer as it jets across Europe promoting Scottish music and Clydebank.

The previous week the band was in Germany on behalf of partners Wallace Bagpipes, and soon flies out to Spain as preparations for the World Championships continue.

Craig added: “It keeps us busy and it’s great experience. Playing to all the crowds gives us great confidence to play our best when it comes to the competitions. When going abroad there is usually a band from most countries so we’re going as the face of Scotland — it’s a great feeling when you get a response from the crowds.”