ENQUIRIES are continuing into a man who reportedly drove his car into the Clyde, then swam across the river.

Police were alerted to reports of the vehicle going into the river at Dock Street, Clydebank, around 9.35pm on Monday.

The car was recovered from the water but there was nobody inside.

Police Scotland attended in force, along with Scottish Fire and Rescue's water rescue unit.

Later in the evening, a 33-year-old man flagged down a passing police vehicle in Renfrew and said he had swam across the river from Clydebank.

A police spokeswoman confirmed the man was taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital for a check-up and was later released.

She added: "Enquiries are continuing."

One eyewitness said he first called police when he saw the man repeatedly driving up to the water, then withdrawing. He then drove "full pelt" when police arrived.

The witness said: "He just went for it."

The land is currently wasteland being cleared ahead of the new bridge across the Clyde, between Dock Street and Renfrew.