A BUS driver has been caught using a mobile phone while driving along a narrow road in Drumchapel.

Footage sent to the Post showed the man, who is believed to be a supervisor at Avondale Coaches, driving along Glenkirk Drive last Monday afternoon talking on the phone, and giving the thumbs up when he notices the camera – meaning both hands are off the wheel.

Richard, 29, who took the video, said: “I see this guy doing this all the time and he’s a supervisor. When he’s driving he does it all the time, you can take my word for that.

“Nine times out of 10 you can see him on the phone, and if you see him he doesn’t even try hide it.

“I took the video last Monday and saw him doing it again on the Tuesday.

“He does it that often he is a danger to people. He’s driving a bus and that’s why people need to know about this, especially when he’s a supervisor.

“He gave me a thumbs up, that just shows that he doesn’t care. I think it's absolutely shocking, it's illegal for a start. The schools are out now, and I know people who let their kids out around these areas. It’s dangerous and reckless.”

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The footage was posted on social media with the caption: “School holidays, kids about and Avondale driver in a built-up area, on the phone and at one-point driving with no hands on the wheel. So dangerous.”

In February this year, an Avondale Coaches bus crashed into parked cars before ending up in the garden of a house in Knightswood.

The 56-year-old driver was taken to hospital but was not seriously injured.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: "The incident was reported to Police Scotland on Monday, July 1 2019, and enquiries are ongoing."

A spokesman for Avondale Coaches confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the video.

He told our sister paper The Evening Times: “Under no circumstances should a driver be using their mobile phone while driving a vehicle. An investigation is under way.”