Clydebank Rugby Club’s Titans celebrated their first year together along with others at a “come and try” session.

Local youngsters were invited along to try out the sport with club members last Saturday (June 29).

With just five regulars at the club this time last year, the youngsters’ move to the new Clydebank Community Sport Hub has seen the number rise to almost 40 with numerous taster and coaching sessions taking place in schools to ensure a steady feed of new rugby players.

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Martin Waddell, the coordinator for the Titans at Clydebank Rugby Club, told the Post: “The day went very well with 14 kids trying for the first time, and three coming back to training on the Sunday.

“One of these three at the end went right up to his dad and said he didn’t want to play football anymore.

“It was just a good, all-round, fun session with some of our established kids taking part along with some of our senior players.

“They played our famous game – Valley of Doom – where the seniors have to run from a gauntlet of balls being thrown at them by the kids, which produced some spectacular falls.”

Rugby is free to everyone at the Titans, with training taking place on Tuesdays at 6.30pm and Sunday afternoons at 12pm.