Scottish Water has revealed that customer satisfaction reached an all time high last year.

Despite a year that featured “the beast from the east” and the warmest summer for 25 years, the company says it successfully kept Scottish water flowing and Scotland’s thirst quenched.

Scottish Water is investing £660million as part of their six year infrastructure upgrade, which aims to maintain and improve the nation’s water system.

In 2018, a lack of rainfall in many parts of the country and a 30 per cent increase in water usage led to a country wide reaction by the organisation.

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According to Scottish Water, performance targets were exceeded, which led to the company’s greatest ever customer satisfaction levels.

Launched in 2018, Top Up Taps saw the beginning of the installation of country-wide free-to-use taps, to encourage reusing water bottles while limiting plastic waste.

Douglas Millican, the chief executive of Scottish Water, praised the response in the 2018/2019 annual report.

He said: “The story of the last 12 months would be a good story in any year.

“The remarkable achievement of the last twelve months has been that this has all taken place against the backdrop of some very challenging weather.

“In just over four months, Scotland saw two weather events that stand out - the ‘beast from the east’ in March 2018 followed by the longest, driest spell of hot weather for 25 years in June and July.

“The impacts of climate change have been evident to those of us who work in the water sector for some time, but there is no doubt that 2018 was a stand-out year in terms of extreme weather.”