WDC have issued a warning against a council tax scam.

The local authority has urged residents to be careful online, after reports of a ruse offering a council tax rebate.

The scam was reported by the council after a member of staff was sent the phishing text, which bares the logo of the UK Government.

In reality, the link in the text was for a site originating from Singapore, which is associated with financial crimes and identity fraud.

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A spokeswoman for WDC said: "We would like to remind resident that the council, the UK Government or HMRC would never contact by text or email regarding council tax and ask for information in regards to payment, please do not click links or supply any details to any messages via these."

The link in question was nutrivore. sg/COUNCIL_TAX/ and the local authority has urged residents to stay clear.

The warning comes after the council pledged its support for a Citizen's Advice Bureau campaign called Scam Aware, which aims to increase the number of reports made when a scam takes place, as well as to improve the knowledge of fraudulent tactics.