A CLYDEBANK man has been barred from having any contact with his ex for three years after he bombarded her with hundreds of phone calls and texts when she ended their relationship.

James McKelvie ignored his former partner’s pleas to be left alone after she broke up with him last month.

As well as the barrage of calls and text messages, the 39-year-old went to the property his ex shared with her mother, stood outside, knocked on the kitchen window and repeatedly rang the bell and demanded to talk to her.

McKelvie appeared in court for sentencing last Friday after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to engaging in a course of conduct which caused his former partner fear and alarm on May 19 and 20.

Fiscal depute Gemma McKechnie, prosecuting, told Dumbarton Sheriff Court: “The witness decided to end the relationship with the accused on May 18.

“The following day at around 11am the witness was at home when she started receiving numerous unsolicited phone calls and texts from the accused.

“She answered one, explained she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him, and hung up.”

McKelvie, however, refused to get the message and began bombarding the woman with a series of phone calls and text messages before going to the property and repeatedly ringing the doorbell.

His ex told him to go away, but he refused and kept ringing the bell and calling both his former partner’s mobile and her mother’s land line.

“The witness received approximately 191 missed calls from the accused,” Ms McKechnie said.

“The messages included ‘jail me cos I’m nothing without you’, and ‘I’m sorry for going to your mum’s door and acting like that’.”

On the morning of May 20 he went back to the house and knocked on the kitchen window.

McKelvie’s harassment continued into that evening until the police were finally called.

Ms McKechnie said: “It was noted that the phone contained [records of] several hundred phone calls and text messages from the accused.”

McKelvie’s lawyer, Scott Adair, said his client’s ex had ended the relationship after a family event the previous day at which McKelvie had been drinking, sparking a disagreement between the pair.

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“He saw it as attempting to contact her to find out about the disagreement,” Mr Adair said.

“He has had no contact with her over the last four weeks or so.

“He is a first offender and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. He accepted as a result of the incident that he had to do something about his alcohol and addiction difficulties, and has voluntarily sought help.”

Sheriff Hamilton said: “Your conduct must have been extremely distressing and alarming.”

The sheriff barred McKelvie from having any contact, or attempted contact, with both his ex and her mother until June 2022.