LITTER blocking and spilling out the rubbish chute in a Clydebank block of flats, has been branded a health hazard by a resident.

The mess was said to have been lying on a landing of Clyde Court flats, Littleholm Place, for two days before a concerned tenant contacted the Post.

A housing officer was allegedly informed about the rubbish twice, and the resident was advised environmental health would be contacted, and a caretaker would clear the mess, but it wasn't.

The debris has now been cleaned up, but speaking on Tuesday evening, one resident who asked not to be named, said: “The flies and smell coming from the chute is horrendous. There is bags of rubbish lying all around it.

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“There are people with children and pets in the block, but they can’t let them out because the bin chute being blocked is a real health hazard.

“As soon as I open my door, there are loads of fruit flies coming out of the pile of rubbish into my home.

“The housing officer had been told about it on Monday and Tuesday, but it looks like she still hadn’t done anything about it which is why I called the Post.

“You can’t even use the lift when the chute is blocked like that because of the horrific smell coming from it.”

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council added: "As soon as we were made aware of the blockage at Clyde Court, the care taker removed the excess waste, and thoroughly sanitised the bin chute and floor.

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"If inappropriate items are placed in rubbish chutes, they can become blocked. We would encourage tenants to follow advice given on disposing of waste in the correct manner and report any concerns to Housing Operations on 01389 738282.