THE heartbroken daughter of a missing Scotstoun man who is due to become a grandfather has made an emotional appeal for him to come home ahead of Father’s Day.

Chloe McCormick, 19, joined police officers at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital today where her dad Bryan Glencross was last seen on Friday, May 31 at around 3.30am.

The 40-year-old who lives in Kingsway Court, was taken to the hospital by ambulance following a fall at a neighbours. It is understood he had a lump on his head and facial injuries – but he did not wait to be assessed by medical staff.

Instead, he left the hospital grounds and headed towards Govan Road – and there has been no further sightings of him since.

Chloe who is due to give birth in three weeks, said: “It’s been very stressful and hard getting my head around it. It doesn’t feel real at all.

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“He is dead excited to be a grandad and he is looking forward to everything. I just hope he is okay and he comes back home.”

Bryan’s mum Margaret Docherty and stepdad Jim, both 60, have been conducting their own searches and making appeals on social media, and explained that Bryan knows the landline telephone number off by heart - but unfortunately the number had been changed just before he is disappeared.

Mum-of-two Margaret said: “He is my first child, his sister jokes he is the golden child. At first, I just thought he has come out of the hospital and collapsed somewhere but we have heard different stories, we just don’t know

“It’s terrible because it is just not like him. At first I was angry with him thinking what is he up to? But as time has gone on I’m more concerned.”

Police Scotland officers held a stop and interview operation at the hospital in a bid to find witnesses who may have seen Bryan.

The force said that they now have a dedicated enquiry team working 24/7 to find Bryan who will not rule anything out.

Specialist search officers have looked for Bryan throughout the hospital grounds.

CCTV coordinators have scanned footage in the area but the last sighting on camera is of Bryan leaving the hospital.

A walkthrough of the Clyde Tunnel, which connects the South West of the city to the West End, has also taken place.

One theory is that Bryan may have taken the Clyde Tunnel, which is only open to cars, as a shortcut home to Scotstoun. Police Scotland said they would have further arrangements for the Clyde Tunnel to be shut down so they can carry out a slow finger tip search.

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Inspector Eddie Seary, of Drumchapel Police Office, said: “Bryan is a single man who lives alone. He lives in a very tidy, well kept flat.

“He has pet dog Torro who is now being cared for by family. He comes from a close family, his mother and stepdad are very concerned. He has a daughter who is about ready to give birth to her first child and his grandchild so the family to say are extremely worried.

He added: “We have heard or seen nothing of Bryan for over two weeks. We are concerned enough that we have a full investigation team looking into it.”

Bryan is described as white, 5ft 7inches in height, thin build, with brown receding hair, blue eyes and tanned complexion.

When last seen, he was wearing a blue ‘Berghaus’ coloured zipper jacket, white t-shirt, grey jogging bottoms and black training shoes.

Anyone with any information as to contact Drumchapel Police Office via 101, quoting incident number 2186 of Saturday 1 June 2019.