A BANKIE who asked for the help of others in the area to vote for her in a worldwide competition has been crowned first place.

Margaret McInnes, 49, was in the final of a competition run by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

The Elvis lover was the only contestant outside of America and ending up winning the competition by more than 2,600 votes.

Her prize is a luxurious stay at the Guesthouse at Graceland, in Memphis.

Margaret said: “I am already booked up for Memphis for my 50th in October - so I’ve just booked another trip for March with my friend to use my prize. The organiser promised me I will be spoiled rotten and treated like a queen.

“I got the phone call from Elvis Presley Enterprises on Tuesday telling me my points achieved on the voting was the highest they had ever received for an entry.

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“I was starting to get nervous because I hadn’t heard anything. The lovely lady who called told me the results were incredible and the story I entered with the picture of me at the Graceland gates was outstanding."

The competition had been running since February and asked anyone who has visited the famous singers Graceland mansion to share their experience, and the story with the most votes wins.

Margaret shared her unique story of being snowed in at Graceland with her friend Karen who is also a huge Elvis fan.

They both grew up in a four-in-a-block in Linnvale, with both of their parents loving Elvis, but 30 years later when in her current house, Margaret realised her next-door neighbour Karen was in fact her former neighbour.

And Other than security, Margaret and Karen were the only people, and were left to explore Graceland themselves in January 2018.

Margaret added: "I had been ill the final week of the competition and hadn’t done much in the way of trying to get votes - so the fact all these strangers voted for me made me feel so proud.

"I was overwhelmed, these people were telling me they had shared it with relatives in Australia who were also voting, and some local businesses rallied round too."