THOSE with mobility issues in Clydebank are able to get around easier - thanks to Clyde Shop Mobility, and its new and improved location.

The registered charity charges a yearly fee of £10 that entitles members to hire mobility scooters or wheelchairs to use around Clyde Shopping Centre, and the surrounding areas, as many times as they please.

More than 1,100 people across the area are signed up.

The initiative has been up and running since 2011 but moved to a new unit in the shopping centre in April this year, having been previously based at Alexander Street.

And the newly appointed project coordinator, Amanda Drennan, has brought a lot to the shop so far with her dedication and motivation.

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She told the Post: “Without the scooters, some members would be lucky to visit two shops because of their health or mobility, but they’re getting to scoot about them all, and socialise, by being able to meet up with family and friends. It helps with their health and well-being.

“You get to know all the members as well, and we have become busier since we have moved to this central location.

“We have been getting enquiries for all different things, and really positive feedback.”

Work will begin in January to get a Changing Places Toilet built in the shop, making it the only place in the centre to have one.

A NHS Hearing Aid Service visits the store every second Friday, that replaces tubing, batteries, and gives advice on how to look after hearing aids.

Tom Wilmshurst, an audiology support volunteer, has been with the clinic for 10 years.

He said: “The benefit of coming here is that you are seen right away, to go see an audiologist it’s a six months wait. It’s much easier to drop in here, especially for people who are members. It’s a one stop shop.

“The shop is a thousand times better now; the range of things is great because they’ve got the room now.

“Amanda is totally committed, and it is such a pleasure being able to come here.”

Volunteers are on hand to deliver the scooters to places like the bus station or taxi stand or wherever members are in the vicinity, and then go back and collect the scooter for them to bring back. The committed team also do front of house work, maintain the shop, and promote the charity.

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Gil Paterson MSP said: “The shop is outstanding and very inviting.

“The room that it’s got to service and assist people could not be better.

“This is as good as it gets for people that need the service that’s vital to them to live a good and mobile life. It’s great the volunteers and staff are able to do this to such a high level, keeping their members healthy and hearty.”

Jackie Maceira, a Clyde Shop Mobility board member, has been involved since day one, when the idea was first proposed.

He said: “I have been here since the very start, but we didn’t get it up and running till 2011.

“We believe in it; we believe in what we do here.

“The new location is absolutely fantastic, it’s good to be in and around all the shops. Down at the other location we were out of sight, out of mind.”