By Stephanie Agnew, S6 pupil at Clydebank High

Clydebank High has “knuckled down” on its uniform code recently.

It includes new rules such as outdoor jackets having to be removed before entering the building, and blazers being the only permitted “warm clothing” besides jumpers/cardigans allowed to be worn inside the school.

But at West Dunbartonshire Council’s education services committee meeting last week, they talked about all the streams of funding given to our schools instead.

A total of £3,425,000 has been handed out to West Dunbartonshire Schools for 2018/2019 in pupil equity funding. As a pupil, I was unaware of this and I have never been shown by my own school how they are using the funding.

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Another £243,000 has gone to the care experienced children fund. Again, we are not made aware of the money going to help fellow pupils.

The committee also agreed on plans for a holiday hunger fund for the summer period. This includes a “school bag drop” as a way of supporting pupils returning to school after the holidays.

I had no knowledge of this leading up to the meeting. There will now be a public campaign so perhaps I will learn more.

Without information on all the money coming into the school to raise attainment and support pupils, we are left with the impression that uniforms appear to be more important than the grades pupils achieve.

The education committee approves the policies and funding affecting every pupil, including myself. Watching a meeting has made me realise how much pupils are in the dark.