BOLLARDS at the new Blairdardie Primary have been replaced by a railing to protect pupils and stop parents parking at the school entrance.

Concerns were raised after the new school opened in March and youngsters were running between the bollards into the road and cars were blocking the kerb.

Councillor Paul Carey said it was a “major road safety issue” and consultation with parents, education services and the road safety officer led to installing a pedestrian rail.

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Cllr Carey said: “I am delighted to say that the council listened to the arguments put forward and decided to take the bollards away and replace it with a guardrail. This was at an additional cost and the work was completed last week and I am pleased to say that the residents and the parents are absolutely delighted by this.”

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “Railings have been installed to stop cars dropping off or parking at the concourse beside the school’s front entrance.

“Our schools, along with our road safety officers will routinely review and update procedures to address any potential concerns and we would ask parents and carers to be mindful of good practice at drop-off and pick-up times around the school day.”