AN area foodbank has seen a massive worldwide response to their call for urgent donations.

Drumchapel Foodbank’s Facebook plea on their empty shelves last week reached a staggering 139,000 people and saw a contribution worth £350 from Canada and another from Europe.

There was also £1,000 in cash donations from residents, and local stores also backed the charity. Iceland donated 13 crates of food and Sainsbury’s sent 18 crates.

Ryan McGeady, project manger, told the Post their empty shelves were caused by a slow decline in donations and a sharp rise in need in Drumchapel.

About 20-40 per cent of new visits to the foodbank have been caused by Universal Credit and delays of new benefit payouts of six weeks.

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But there have also been asylum seekers locally needing help as they await Home Office decisions, and victims of the department’s attempt to kick Windrush generation residents from the UK.

Mr McGeady said: “The response has been overwhelming. This will last us a month, if we are lucky.

“But people should keep this up. Donating slips out of people’s minds. We do appeals and people come together, but they forget it’s week in, week out.

“We need people to be aware of what’s going on. Everyone needs funding. It’s not just about us, but people in their own area.”

Drumchapel Foodbank normally uses cash to buy fresh produce and other supplies to ensure healthy eating for residents. But they’ve held back last week and this week to save their money for an expected summer rush when families can’t rely on schools providing lunches.

They also hope to do picnic packages again this summer to encourage families into the outdoors as part of their healthy lifestyle approach.

What’s needed most and regularly by Drumchapel Foodbank:
• Tinned curry
• tinned mac n cheese
• tinned ravioli
• tinned minced beef
• tinned stew
• cereal
• tinned meats (ie ham, corned beef etc)
• Fray Bentos pies
• toilet roll
• tinned tuna
• tinned hot dogs
• tinned meat balls

To donate money for food packs:
Funds donated to Drumchapel Foodbank help provide fresh fruit and vegetables and other items to area families, particularly in the summer when parents need to supply an extra meal each day.
To donate £5, text DRUM15 £5 to 70070.