DRUMCHAPEL food bank is facing its "worst food shortage" of the year.

The independent bank said a severe lack of donations and a rise in usage are to blame for the issue.

It has called on residents and local businesses to help by sending in donations amid fear it is "forever drawing closer" to closing the doors for good.

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In a Facebook post, it said: "We were founded from the community, we remain sustained by the community, and most importantly, we work for the community.

"Due to a severe lack of donations and a ever growing rise in usage we are struggling every week to provide the same high standard of service we have upheld ever since our doors first opened.

"This is a direct call to all our partners and the local community to please donate what you can. It'll be a cold day in the hell the day we close these doors, but at the moment that day we fear is forever drawing closer."

To donate, visit the bank at unit nine on 15 Ladyloan Place or drop off at the designated spots at Sainsburys or B&M in the Great Western Retail Park.