A HOUSING development in Linnvale is one step closer to going ahead – despite more than 400 objections from residents.

At a planning committee meeting last Wednesday, councillors voted in favour of submitting the area’s Local Development Plan Two – which includes the site of Linnvale’s Strauss Avenue – for examination.

A total of 435 residents have objected to the plan for 100 private homes on land adjacent to the street, which is used for recreation and dog walking.

Opposition to the plan is stronger than almost any previous planning proposal in West Dunbartonshire.

Residents who have been protesting since November last year fear the development would increase traffic, put pupils of nearby Linnvale Primary at risk and take away an area of open space.

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Speaking last Thursday, John Hainey, chair of Linnvale and Drumry Community Council, said: “My phone has been red hot with people complaining about our local councillors. We can’t understand why one councillor didn’t turn up, another left before the vote, and the chair ignored more than 400 objections by voting for the LDP2.

“Not being able to speak at these meetings is extremely frustrating. The people of Linnvale are extremely annoyed that this happened.

“It seemed like an unsatisfactory meeting altogether. Certain things were not raised.”

Developer Taylor Wimpey also objected to the site for a number of reasons, and stated it would prefer Duntiglennan Fields.

In relation to issues raised about traffic, the planning authority stated: “The council would reiterate that there will only be an emergency access between Duntreath Avenue and the Strauss Avenue sites, therefore, there will be no additional traffic within the Linnvale area as a result of this development.”

And with regards to the loss of open space, an area to the south of the site and on the opposite side of the canal, near West Street, would be used instead.

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The council made it clear the developer will be required to upgrade this area as part of any plan.

Stuart Gray, of Linnvale, added: “The council are disregarding an area of open space. The planning committee have ignored the objections of more than 400 people going to be affected.

“There are only two people in favour, a developer and one anonymous. The land will never be regained, and it is well used. As a result of the meeting, a developer can now go forward and put in a planning application.”

A spokeswoman for WDC said: “The site has been designated as a potential location for future residential development in the proposed Local Development Plan 2. The committee agreed to retain this in the plan and forward all unresolved representations, including those on Strauss Avenue, to the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division of the Scottish Government for examination.”