Tomorrow's European elections are a chance to stop Brexit in its tracks and to protect the NHS in Clydebank.

That's the view of Gil Paterson, the SNP MSP for Clydebank.

As the party stepped up its campaigning on the final days ahead of the election, Mr Paterson said: “Brexit poses a major risk to medicine supplies and is already making it harder to attract vital medical staff to work in our NHS.

“And we already know that Donald Trump wants to use a post-Brexit trade deal to rip up the rulebook and open our NHS to American drug firms.

“That would mean higher prices for medicine and a worse deal for patients."

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Mr Paterson said the Scottish Government is working as hard as possible to mitigate the impact of Brexit on Clydebank’s health service – "but any Brexit will have consequences for our NHS".

He added: “We need to send the strongest possible message that we will not stand for this.

"A vote for the SNP on Thursday will make clear that Scotland will not stand for Brexit.”