TENANTS of Clydebank high-rise flats where a knife was thrown at workmen last week have been told chucking blades out of windows is "unacceptable".

The Post recently reported that a knife was dropped out of a flat window at West Court, Littleholm Place, just missing construction workers going about their job.

They were in a forklift at around 12.55pm on May 12, when they saw a flash of green and then heard the noise of metal hitting the ground.

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The men don't know from how far up the blade was dropped, but they did see a man hanging out a window in the seconds after the blade landed.

And now West Dunbartonshire Council have sent a letter to tenants living in all three block of flats - West Court, Park Court and Clyde Court regarding this type of behaviour - which has reportedly happened before.

It states: “Very recently, we have become aware of incidents where knives have been thrown at persons below. This is unacceptable and is now in the hands of the police and our ASB team. The perpetrators will be dealt with through the courts.”

The council go on to encourage tenants aware of anyone doing this to inform the ASB team, the police or the housing officer.

Martin Docherty-Hughes, MP for West Dunbartonshire, blasted the incidents as both irresponsible and dangerous.

He told the Post: “This sort of idiotic behaviour is completely unacceptable. Dropping items from high-rises is dangerous and irresponsible and could result in serious injury.

“Thankfully incidents like this are extremely rare, and it’s a relief that nobody was hurt on this occasion.

“I’d hope that any residents who witness such reckless behaviour do the right thing and report it.”

The letter also states that the council has become increasingly concerned about the dangerous and illegal issue of disposing waste at the flats.