TRADE union members have expressed their opposition to changes to their working terms and conditions, including cutting six holidays a year.

A meeting was held last week at the Denny Civic Theatre of about 250 West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) staff and union members.

They passed a unanimous motion against what they reported was an “attack” on terms and conditions including the cut to holidays, cutting rates for unsociable working hours, cutting overtime rates and other cuts.

Jim Bollan, Community Party councillor, who attended the meeting, said: “These terms and conditions are part of national agreements and need to be defended at all costs.

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“The motion passed said the union members had drawn a red line on their wages and conditions and will take any action required to defend them.

“The whole community needs to get behind the council workers in their struggle as it is also our public services that will be reduced, weakened and some lost completely if we do not stand in solidarity with council workers against this vicious attack from the SNP council.”

A spokeswoman for WDC said: “As a council we’re committed to avoiding compulsory redundancies while also balancing the need to explore savings given the funding pressures all local authorities face.

“Many of the proposals to the trades unions will benefit employees including extending notice periods to protect crucial areas of service delivery and replacing group life assurance with improved terms under the pension scheme.

“The options will also further address inequality ensuring all staff benefit from the same terms and conditions including public holidays.”