Thousands of pounds have been raised for Clydebank Asbestos Group to help them continue their work.

Thousands of pounds have been raised for Clydebank Asbestos Group (CAG) to help them continue their work.

Eleven volunteers from Digby Brown Solicitors walked the Forth and Clyde Canal from Kilsyth to Clydebank, finishing the marathon trek on Friday at the town’s International Asbestos Memorial.

The 20-mile route was meant to symbolise the 20 years since asbestos has been banned in the UK.

Despite the ban, thousands of people are still suffering and dying from the effects of working with the toxic substance.

About 3,000 lives a year are claimed in the UK from asbestos-related conditions.

A total of £8,000 was raised, to be split between CAG and Asbestos Action.

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CAG secretary Hope Robertson, who was joined by college Bob Dickie, said: “This year marks 20 years since the ban on asbestos use in the UK but that does not mean our loved ones and communities are in the clear - just because something is confined to the history books does not mean its effects are.

“It takes just one fibre to contract an asbestos-related condition with signs of an illness not emerging until 40 years later. 

“It’s crucial that everything is done to offer support to those affected by asbestos exposure and we’ve worked tirelessly to do that.

“But it’s only possible due to the generosity and support of individuals and communities such as this great team of walkers.

“So to everyone who has helped us I just want to extend our warmest thanks - you help us help others.”

SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes was on hand for the arrival, as was Jean Anne Mitchell, prospective Labour candidate. 

The lawyers raised £8,000 last year by walking 26 miles along the Fife Coastal Path.

Fraser Simpson, partner and head of industrial disease at Digby Brown, said: “Having fought for countless individuals and their families over the years it’s these personal impacts and memories that inspire us with each passing mile.

“Digby Brown understands the impact of asbestos-related diseases - not just to the sufferer but the knock-on trauma that can be experienced by their loved ones. 

“Clydebank Asbestos Group in the west, and Asbestos Action in the east, are truly indispensable to those who rely on their support and we are honoured if our humble contribution in any way adds to their ceaseless efforts.”

To help fundraise for Clydebank Asbestos Group please visit the team’s JustGiving page.