Holly Scott will always remember meeting Hollywood star Hugh Jackman - she just doesn't have a picture to prove it.

The P6 pupil at St Stephen's Primary was gutted her dad left his phone at home when they wandered into Bennie's fish and chip shop to get an ice cream.

A coach full of crew and performers from Hugh's show at the SSE Hydro tomorrow had already mobbed the Kilbowie Road chippy when Holly went in.

Her dad spotted Hugh but Holly said: "No it's not dad, you're lying."

He lifted her up to see and she still didn't believe him.

Then the coach driver confirmed it and took her up to meet him.

"He gave me a high-five and a cuddle," Holly told the Post. "And he asked if I wanted a picture.

"Dad didn't have his phone. My Papa has cropped me into a picture though."

Holly said she was a fan of The Greatest Showman and Wolverine and that he had a really good voice.

"I'm always singing Greatest Showman," said the 10-year-old.

And that may have given her some premonition powers because Holly said she'd been having dreams about meeting Hugh in a chippy - just not Bennie's or with a coach full of people and fans.

"I was star struck," she admitted.

Earlier on Sunday, Hugh and the cast took a four-hour private charter on Loch Lomond with Balloch-based Sweeney's Cruise Co.

John Sweeney, manager of Sweeney's Cruises, said: "He was really nice and very chilled. It was his first day off in three weeks, so he was enjoying chatting away with people and kicking back after being hard at it rehearsing.

"He drove the boat for a while and he sat in the wheelhouse, chatting to the skipper for about 20 minutes. He was really approachable."

Fans at the Kilbowie Road chippy got selfies with the star and autographs from the Wolverine.

John Pearson said he and his wife were just off the bus from a day at the Hamilton Races and decided on a chippy for tea when they found it full of people.

The driver told them Hugh Jackman was inside, which they didn't believe until they went in and found Hugh behind the counter serving punters and chatting with staff.

"My wife was in the door like Usain Bolt," said John, "and before I finished talking to the driver, I heard Hugh announce to the cast, 'Michelle's coming to the show on Wednesday', which has was met with cheers.

"They laughed when I heard her say, 'Where's my husband', and managed two photos of her with her new bestie."

Chippy worker Margaret Tosh, 56, pictured next to Hugh in the photo he beamed to his fans around the world through his Instagram account, said they saw the coach arrive near the back of 6pm on Sunday. Hugh and his pals knew exactly what they wanted.

"They were in to try some deep fried Mars bars and pizza crunch," Margaret told the Post.

"We don't normally do Mars bars - we went next door and got chocolate."

Staff also prepared baked bananas and syrup for the visitors to try.

"The things we do for celebrities," she added.

"I'm a Wolverine fan - this brightened up my Sunday."

Hugh, who starts a run of "The Man. The Music. The Show." at the Hydro tomorrow, captioned his Insta photo with staff: "Thank you Bennie's!!!".