THE Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel has welcomed a new member to their team to secure new conference clients, particularly from international associations and healthcare markets.

Laura Malley is now the business development manager at the award-winning hotel, and has extensive experience in the events industry.

She joins the hotel from the University of Reading where she was lead events coordinator and worked with similar clients from both the public and private sectors.

During her study years Laura worked with South Lanarkshire Culture and Leisure in Hamilton Town House doing front of house, theatre shows and concerts, waitressing and bar work at functions and weddings and eventually the box office.

She then moved into a full-time post and it was this experience which gave her a “taste” of the events industry.

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Laura said: “My first job was in community theatre and arts and that’s something that’s always appealed to me through school and growing up.

“Working in the first venue is what really drew me in and gave me a taste for event work – doing weddings, the bar, organising meetings.

“I would never have pictured myself here when I was at school and it’s not linked to my English degree, but I think that shows what passion I’ve got for it and how much I love the work.

“The variety is great, no event is the same, no day is the same, different clients, big and small events, this is what I really enjoy about it.

“I’m also an organised person and like to plan so the thought of organising things for other people really appeals to me.

“I’m looking forward to working with colleagues across the industry as well as world class clinicians here at the Golden Jubilee Foundation.”