Community Soup is a crowd-funding event where local people can collectively provide the funds needed to support projects and ideas to make a difference in the place they live.

If you have an idea which needs some funding to get off the ground, then you can sign up for the event and pitch your idea to the local community.

When attending on the night, donate whatever you can afford to gain entry, enjoy a bowl of soup, listen to people from your local community speak about projects they would like to deliver in the area and vote on which project you think should be funded.

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The project or idea which gets the most votes on the night takes away the money raised on the door to deliver their idea to the community.

The more people who attend and donate on the night the more money will be available for the projects seeking funding.

The event takes place on Tuesday, April 23, from 7pm to 9pm at Centre 81 in Whitecrook.

To find out more or reserve a spot on the night either drop in to Centre 81, Clydebank One Stop Shop, or contact on 01389 737232.