A WOMAN who assaulted a 12-year-old girl in Clydebank has been ordered to pay compensation.

Sandie-Rose Miller, 25, whose address was listed as Safe as Houses on Jean Armour Drive, appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court for a community payback order review on Wednesday, April 10.

At Rosshead House in Alexandria, Miller assaulted two different men in September 2017.

She punched one on the head on September 8, and repeatedly seized the other by the neck, and slapped him on the head on September 9, at the supported accommodation.

And in the McDonald’s restaurant on Britannia Way, Miller assaulted a girl by pushing her and punching her on the head whilst she was on bail on July 10 last year.

Defence solicitor Scott Adair said Miller’s progress report suggests she has continued to comply with a community payback order previously imposed on her.

He added: “The only punishment I had in mind would be a compensation order.”

Sheriff Maxwell Hendrie said: “It is looking very good. The report reassures me that there is some faith in people taking opportunities presented to them.

“The difference between the Sandie-Rose Miller I see just now and the Sandie-Rose Miller that conducted herself in 2018 is quite simply massive.

“Does that grant no trouble? Absolutely not.

“It seems to be that you benefitted hugely from Safe as Houses, you detected the way you were living and realised that you did not want to keep living that way.

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“I won’t bring you back to court. You need to continue to comply or you will be in breach and appear back in court.”

Miller’s community payback order imposed on her for the assaults in Alexandria were continued, and she was ordered to pay £150 compensation at £10 per fortnight to the 12-year-old.