On Wednesday, April 8, 2009, the Post reported that...

STUNNING sisters are set to go head to head for the title of Miss Scotland 2009 after they both entered the glamorous competition.

Lisa Tolland, 19, and sister Jo-Anne, 17, are both chasing a career in the bright lights of modelling and are hopeful of making it through to the latter stages of the event.

The close pair, who went to St Andrew’s High, are looking forward to vying for the title, even if it means some tension at their Whitecrook home.

Lisa, who has graduated from Clydebank College’s make up artistry course, said a career in modelling and beauty pageants is always something she has dreamed of.

She told the Post: “I’ve always wanted to do it and I think it’s at least worth a try. I’ve never done this before, though I did some modelling at college and I think that made my mind up to go for it.

“I think Jo-Anne and I will be spurring each other on in the competition.”

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Jo-Anne is currently studying media at Clydebank College, and if modelling does not work out she would like to get on the other side of the camera as a photographer.

The teen said: “I didn’t even know my photo had been entered — it was my mum who sent it in because I didn’t want to appear too big headed.

“I wasn’t too sure about the competition at the start but I would love to be a model.

“Lisa’s always wanted to be in modelling but I think I was a little embarrassed to begin with. If I get through I will forget about shyness and enjoy it.”

Jo-Anne would love to be in the final stages with Lisa alongside her, as she thinks their competitive streak would really come to the surface.

She added: “We’re always competitive even if it’s just trying to eat our dinner fastest. But I’m not too fussed and hopefully it will be a good experience.”