As we approached the end of term three, life was as busy as ever at Edinbarnet Primary.

Recently we celebrated World Book Day in school. We all dressed as our favourite book character and brought the book into school with us. Even the teachers dressed up. We all had a great day and celebrated how good it is to read books.

This month both primary seven and primary five performed their class assemblies in front of the whole school and their mums and dads. It is always nerve wracking to stand up in front of lots of people but all the boys and girls did so well.

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P7 showed off a variety of their learning from term three while P5 focused on their Titanic topic and all of the learning they did with that.

Since the beginning of the New Year, our school has been working on developing a new school library. We have decided to join our infant library with our upper school library and organise all the books into sections.

This will help all of us choose the right books for ourselves during our weekly library slots. Miss McGregor and some of our mums worked very hard to get the new library ready for us to use, especially the mums. A big thank you for revamping our library.

As part of this process, all classes designed a wall display for our many library walls. The library ladies chose their favourite and this class was the winner.

A big congratulations to P5a who were the winners of this competition. They designed a wall display around all of the David Walliams books they have been reading this year.

Their prize is to choose five, brand new books for their class library - no doubt they will choose David Walliams.

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Over the past five weeks our school dance team have been practising hard for the dance festival. Miss McKelvie worked hard with the dance team and all the boys and girls involved worked very hard to learn a fantastic routine.

The festival was a huge success, we performed our dance very well and it was so fun seeing all of the other schools do their routine as well. We already can’t wait for next year.

In recent weeks, all P1-7 classes were lucky to receive a judo taster session, delivered by Max. He brought his equipment and skills into school to give us a short introduction to judo.

We got to join in, practise some moves and learn some judo words and phrases. A big thank you to Max for taking the time to come to Edinbarnet.